New Wedding Rates!

We have updated our wedding prices!

We always try to keep things simple for our clients (but that doesn’t mean that we always know how to best simplify). For the last few years we have had just one core pricing tier for weddings. For the couture experience, however, we offered a number of add-ons and modifications. Also, we had a few secret hidden packages for really short weddings, LDS weddings, military weddings, and a few other types of weddings that didn’t fit our one-size-trying-to-fit-all package. In other words, it became un-simple.

So here we go again! We are now offering three tiers of wedding packages. We didn’t want to follow the trend of naming them after precious metals (“the Brushed Steel Package may seem appealing but if you really love your fiancee you’ll go for the Diamond-Studded Ruby Package…”) we named them after fruit. Just because.

aderyn wedding seattle engagement photography photo video videography premium

The fruits aren’t arranged in any particular order, they’re just named after fruits that our children most commonly request to eat at home: strawberries, blueberries and bananas.

Don’t worry, we’re not raising prices at all. They have been the same for the last two seasons; we have just restructured the offerings and added a less-expensive tier that begins at $2500.

You can read the details here. If you have recently booked and feel that one of these new packages better reflects your needs, please just let us know! We’ll take care of you.

“Roxanne” Tango Film

Garrett directed this ballroom Tango dance piece for Dance Short Films, featuring Dancesport competitors Natasha Zrazhevskaya and Umario Diallo (who both choreographed and starred in the piece).

If the YouTube link doesn’t work in your country, try viewing it here on Vimeo.

Double Exposure Portraits with Anastazia

Formal Gowns by Reymond Chapman (Modern Couture)

Aderyn wins the 2014 Couples’ Choice award

Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2014

Well, we don’t really believe that these kinds of awards mean a ton, but we won this one again! The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award (formerly the Bride’s Choice Award)  honors the top 5% of wedding vendors in each region, and is based primarily on reviews from real couples.

Thank you so much to everyone who has left us a positive review on Weddingwire, Yelp or Google! We have had so many wonderful clients over the last few years that we are just thrilled to be in this line of work.

Thank you!!!

Garrett’s film demo reel 2013

Garrett Gibbons is the director at Aderyn Productions. Here’s his latest demo reel, featuring some commercial work from 2013!

Rainy Beach Ballet

Beach ballet portraits in the beautiful Seattle rain.

Beach ballet portrait Seattle
Beach ballet portrait Seattle
Beach ballet portrait Seattle
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Ballet portraits in the Forest

Walking through Machu Picchu

I was fortunate enough to visit Machu Picchu with my wife last September, where we took photos and filmed video footage for Destination Peru a travel agency and tour service based in nearby Cusco, Peru. You can view some of the photos from Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu in this gallery.
Guard Tower Machu Picchu

I filmed a ton of steadicam footage while I was there, walking through the ruins and trails, and I thought that the nearly-raw footage might be useful to future travelers who are trying to get an idea of what the terrain is like and what they can expect. Here is a piece I put together with composer Richard Williams:

Also, here’s the walkthrough of Machu Picchu:

Here’s a walkthrough of the hike from Machu Picchu to the top of Huayna Picchu (the peak that we see so prominently behind the ruins):

In Paris, in love

It’s hard to not love Paris, n’est-ce pas? Kayla and Bastien are obviously both affectionate and photogenic, and were as delightful as Paris itself.

Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo
Paris couple engagement photo